About Me

Hi. I’m S. I’m a woman in my twenties who’s been on one of those totally cliched, life-long missions of self-discovery for way longer than is socially acceptable. Still, I’ve found that the best revelations have come through private rumination and public rambling , and where better to publicly ramble than within the wide world of blogging?

The real reason I’m starting this site, though, is to prove that when I promise myself something, I can follow through. So, here I am, pledging to stay here for the long haul. Seems simple, but I’m self-aware enough to admit that I’m the kind of person who often comes up with grand ideas and fails to see them through. So my goal for 2017 is to post something in this blog every. single. day. I don’t care if that something is a Faulkner-esque “my mother is a fish” chapter in the story of my life. I’m making a promise to myself to put my thoughts down somewhere that they don’t float away. I spend my days telling other people that their thoughts, their words, their very lives matter. If that’s true, then my words matter too. They deserve to be preserved.

So join me, every day for a year, for some ramblings and ruminations. I can’t promise that they’ll change your life, but I can promise that they’ll make you think. Laugh. Smile. And, hopefully, inspire you to start rambling and ruminating yourself.

I’ll be here, every day, writing about living, loving, being, and seeing. It doesn’t matter if I have one reader or one hundred — I’ll be here. I hope you’ll be here too.


Inspiration comes in many forms

P.S. Unless otherwise stated, all words and images are my own. Photos taken with an Apple iPhone 5S, sometimes with a Nikon circa 2008 when I’m feeling fancy.


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