On Keeping Track, and American Politics.

Just so we can all keep track, today in American politics, all of the following things happened:

  • Roger Severino was appointed Head of the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services. Why do we care? Oh, maybe because has a long and storied history of working to undermine LGBT+ rights, is in bed with Betsy DeVos and her totally kooky conservative crew (seriously, he’s the Director of the ‘DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity’ at the Heritage Foundation, whatever the hell that means), and considers protecting the rights of transgender people a “radical social experiment“. Sounds like a champion of Civil Rights to me!
  • The GOP continued scrambling to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with no luck. Guess 3rd time’s the charm for some people, but not for Paul Ryan. Hey Paul, did anybody think about how pandering to the most extreme members of your party could alienate those folks comprising the more moderate factions? Nope? Nobody? Cool.
  • Jeff Session’s Department of Justice kept on keeping on with its deep and seemingly endless dive into Orwellian territory. Today, Session’s DOJ team began prosecuting a woman who laughed at Sessions during his senate confirmation hearing earlier this year. The charge? Disorderly conduct. If the protester, Desiree Fairooz, is convicted, she faces up to six-months in jail and a $500 fine. So yes, we can now be incarcerated for laughing at the Keebler Elf in charge of upholding our laws and the stale Cheeto inhabiting the Oval Office. Cool, cool.
  • In more surprising news, President Trump continued to play opposite day with his appointees by putting an opponent of renewable energy in charge of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Dan Simmons will fit in swell with his boss Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, who in the past tried to eliminate the Department of Energy altogether, is now in charge of our nuclear security, and once received a D in a college course entitled, ‘Meats.’

I don’t know about you all, but after absorbing all sorts of fun facts like these all day, I feel super safe. So safe that I’m currently looking into an underground bunker. Let me know if you want to go in on the costs.

— S

Day 122: May 2, 2017



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