On Falling Behind, and Taking Responsibility.

So guess what? I’ve dropped the ball, friends. As of tomorrow, May 1st, we’ll be 120 days into 2017, and I’ll only have 112 posts on this blog. That means that 8 times this year, I’ve fallen behind. I’ve reneged on my self-imposed contract.

This is the point where, like many times before, I could say ‘well, I failed’. This is the time that I could give up. Guess what though? I won’t. I still have more than 200 days left in this year to dust myself off and meet my goal. Will it be the perfect attainment I strove for at the beginning of the year? Nope. Will I still have 365 posts by the time 2018 rolls around? You bet.

Thanks for sticking with me, even when I fall down. I promise to keep getting back up.

— S

Day 120: April 30, 2017


2 thoughts on “On Falling Behind, and Taking Responsibility.

  1. I miss writing some Slice of Life blogs too. I was really devoted in March 2015. I’m really trying to catch all the Tuesdays nowadays. I wrote a “doozy” today for World Asthma Day–complete with four links. I’m not above writing a blog a day late…lol.

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