On Mondays, and Starting Routines.

Monday always seems like a good day to start a new routine. A fresh start to a new week, a well-poised beginning. My friend C and I decided that this Monday was the Monday to start a healthier routine. To resume, after a few months of various upheavals, ‘adulting’. So this Monday was a good day for vegetables, long walks, lingering minutes spent in the sunshine. For talks with family and reading books and checking off all the boxes at work. This Monday was a good day for remembering that anything is possible, and that goals can be met. We just have to remind ourselves that when we veer of course, we can right the path. The only thing that could possibly stop us is us. Miss a day or 3 — I’m disappointed in myself, sure. But I’m not stopping. Why would I, when the good things are so worth fighting for?

— S

Day 98: April 10, 2017


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