On Clothing, and the Nature of Fury.

Things you know if you are not a skinny girl:

– Your body? Your chubby, muscular, substantial, weighty, and/or fat body? Its existence is a bad, bad thing.

– Your clothes should always — always! — be designed with other people’s discomfort in mind.

– Your space is too wide. You should take up less of it.

– Your skirts are too short unless they’re hitting the ground.

– Your arms, for reasons unknown to you, are offensive to many.

– Your ass? ‘Something’ needs to be done to ‘put it away’. The jury is still out on what that something is.

– Your body is different from other girls’ bodies. It does not matter that your dresses are the same length, that your skirts are equally tight, that your shoulders are exposed just the same way. No one says anything to those other girls. Someone will always — always! — say several somethings to you.

So, to my fellow fat girls, I say this:

Live your goddamn life. Don’t feel ashamed of your knee-length skirts — or your miniskirts! Don’t succumb to that crawling feeling that never really goes away, that feeling that rears its ugly head every time someone says “are you sure that’s really professional?”

Your body is just as acceptable in conservative pencil skirts and lightly v-necked dresses and demure cardigans as any skinny girl’s. When you are wearing formal attire, it does not lose its veneer because of the shape of your ass, arms, or thighs. Your body is just as acceptable as any other body. I’m reminding myself of that today.

— S

Day 93: April 5, 2017

P.S. Please forgive any formatting issues — I’m traveling and therefore posting from my phone.


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