On the News, and the Nature of Reality

Tonight, lounging around after a typical Sunday-night dinner of homemade chicken and broccoli alfredo, I decided to turn on the news. BIG MISTAKE Y’ALL.

You see, I don’t usually watch the news. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of print media, plus its digital media offshoots. TV news has never really appealed to me. Growing up, my parents were newspaper and magazine people. They might have had the radio turned on in the morning just as they were waking up, but otherwise, the news was restricted to what we could read.

So this whole TV news phenomenon has always been a bit mysterious to me. Besides intermittent viewings of CNN in airport lounges and my deep love of late night political comedy shows, I’ve never paid TV news much mind.

Which brings us to this evening, when C and I were too lazy to switch to a new channel once the Roku turned on. Up popped the local news channel. And boy, after 20 minutes of horrified viewing, I suddenly feel like I understand a whole lot more just why half the country seems to think we’re currently living in a dystopian hellscape of never ending suffering.

The unassuming looking anchor, with her bias-cut bob went on. And on. And on. About murders and gun fights and child molesters and kidnappings and sinkholes and tax evasion, and my God, no wonder everyone thinks we’re at the end times.

Here’s the thing, y’all: bad things have always been happening. Prior to the internet age, however, we didn’t have endless access to all of the awful occurrences, big and small, that happen everywhere. Of course there’s bad things — that’s life. But there’s so many good things too. As I sat there, watching the solemn looking anchor calmly describe calamity after calamity, all I wanted was one feel good story. One true-life description of the good things that happen every day.

I guess the News Gods heard me, because about 40 minutes in, they finally showed some pictures of adorable puppies. Then again, that segment went on to tell us that the puppies are in a kill shelter and need immediate rescuing. So maybe not.

The moral of the story is, no more TV news for me. I’m not ready to succumb to the narrative that the world is void of good things. I know that there’s more to life than just the bad stuff. I hope you do too.

My kind of news outlets.
On The News, and the Nature of Reality
On The News, and the Nature of Reality

— S

Day 82: March 26, 2017


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