On Excitement, and the Nature of Friendship.

Tonight, I was going to write about Donald Trump. Because, well, in this day and age, we pretty much all have a responsibility to make fun of Donald Trump as much as humanly possible. (If you feel like having a good laugh, please check out this…interesting article featuring the world’s most ridiculous interview, officially published by the illustrious Time magazine).

So, while part of my cold, dark heart wants to dissect how the leader of the free world continues on a crash course towards our imminent destruction, the other part of me says, ‘screw it, let’s just cook dinner and watch The Mindy Project.’

Thankfully, I have great friends like C (see her delightful guest post here), who convince me — more often than not — to go The Mindy Project route.

So, here’s to awesome comedy, and leaving ruminations on our imminent demise for another day.

Here's to you

— S

Day 79: March 23, 2017


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