On Dinner, and the Love of Carbs.

Today was a day where I 1) forgot to pack lunch, 2) forgot to buy lunch, and 3) convinced my friend to join me for an all-you-can-eat pasta dinner due to my lunch-lacking hangry state. Hilariously, while all-you-can-eat pasta might sound like a recipe for untold gluttony, the restaurant we went to has a pretty strategic plan for avoiding pasta shameless pasta bingers.

When hungry cretins like the 2 of us arrive,  a conscientious busboy immediately brings over a well-stocked bread basket. Who could resist that? Only after you’ve preemptively gorged on way too much bread do they busboys return with the salads, which they strew happily over rather large dinner plates. And only after you’ve devoured said salads with merely the barest level of politeness do the pasta dishes start making the rounds. By then, of course, you can barely manage a single portion of pasta, let alone your money’s worth.

Still, even if our dinner wasn’t the most cost effective, it was delicious. Give me bread-salad-pasta satiety over a pure-carb food coma anytime.

Happy Wednesday.

Pasta and Vegetables

— S

Day 78: March 22, 2017


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