GUEST POST: On Traveling

Author’s Note: So, there have been a lot of cool things that have come out of writing this blog. I’ve had interesting discussions and reconnected with erstwhile friends. But perhaps nothing has been more exciting, emotional, and totally worthwhile than opening my email inbox to a guest post from my brother — completely unsolicited. The idea that I can inspire just one person to exercise their own voice (especially someone who I love so dearly) is the icing on the blogging cake. So, thanks B, for reminding me how worth it this whole blogging thing is (and for giving me crap about the fact that I’ve now missed 3 DAYS OUT OF 75. Time for some makeup posts, my friends). So now, it’s my utmost pleasure to hand the reins to my big brother, B, who has a little something to say about traveling. 

Ever since I was a kid one of my earliest memories was traveling to see Grandma and Grandpa in Arizona. Something about the open road was always calming, and it was great to see parts of America that we didn’t normally see in our suburban lives. I loved watching the miles roll by on the dead straight of I-5. The endless miles made it so we had to figure out how to while the hours away and keep ourselves entertained.

On the open road

Those trips were something I looked forward to every year. When we were old enough, my sister and I started to forgo the road trips and fly to Arizona by ourselves to get some extra time with our grandparents. When we arrived, the road trips would begin again, a little more local this time.

B and S at Crater Lake
Gorgeous landscapes — awkward adolescents.

Since our family has always had a love of history, Grandma and Grandpa organized their trips so as help our knowledge grow. We drove all around the southwest and even into parts of California, from the Four Corners to Morro Bay. I always enjoyed learning new things and seeing new places. It wasn’t until much more recently that I realized how lucky we were. As an adult, I’ve met friends and coworkers who didn’t leave their home states or even fly on airplane until their late teens or early twenties. Being able to explore and find new places was something I’ve always taken for granted, but this adult insight into the realities of traveling has increased my ever-present gratefulness.

No family trip was complete without a photo-op with a historical plaque.

Those trips inspired me in a real and present way. To this day I try to get out of the state at least two or three times a year to see old friends. Every trip feels just like coming home again. Traveling is something that always helped to clear my mind – whether going somewhere new or traversing an old stomping ground. Traveling gives me a sense of freedom and satisfaction few other things do. So thanks Grandma and Grandpa, for inspiring me to always seek out new adventures. Because of you, traveling will always be like coming home.

Buffalo on the River

— B (via S)

Day 76: March 19, 2017



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