On Wednesday Nights, and Healthy Eating.

So, look, sometimes, I like junk food just as much as the next person. There’s a time and a place for creamy mac and cheese, crispy french fries, and marbled strip steaks. Of course, that time and place isn’t as a part of my daily diet. Thankfully, I was raised knowing just how to make healthy, scrumptious food. I remind myself every day how incredible it is that nutritious, delicious food comes in every color of the rainbow. Then I remember just how lucky I am to have consistent access to it.

Chicken, sweet potato fries, and vegetables

Sweet potatoes, I salute you. Broccoli, I bow in the face of your glory. Chicken, never change.

This is your friendly neighborhood reminder that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring, time consuming, or tasteless. Even on a run-of-the-mill Wednesday. Promise.

— S

Day 72: March 15, 2017


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