GUEST POST: On Wine and Friendships.

So I was told that there are no parameters (“that’s the beauty of a personal blog”) and I can write anything I want as a guest poster – S may regret this.

Olivia face
Olivia face #bachelor

So something S and I have always prided ourselves on is being the type of friends who don’t need to talk every day, or even every month, but we always pick up where we left off. I can text her on a Thursday and tell her I’m coming to her city on Friday and there will always be a place for me (and a bottle of wine), no matter how many months it’s been since the last time we spoke (Author’s Note: I am having a really hard time writing this because I keep getting distracted by the GIF above).

S and I became friends/roommates through a series of mutual and chance interactions. Although we did not have the most in common (I was a business/legal studies major and she was an anthropology/vocal performance major) we somehow became great friends because of these differences. We both love to debate opinions, discuss world views, try new things, and challenge each other and ourselves. Somewhere between the Felipe’s to-go margaritas, Superior Seafood pomegranate mojitos, Riley weight room sessions, and intensive thesis writing (while watching Say Yes to the Dress) we became great friends despite (and because of), our differences. Also – not to brag or anything – but we did receive awards for the best theses in our majors despite (and maybe because of) our alcohol consumption and Say Yes to the Dress routine. Author’s note: S has decided I need more wine. 

Graduation photos
When we were young and beautiful… 3 years ago #tswift

Sometimes the post-collegiate  (‘adult world’) life challenges where you think your life is going or headed. We are now real life “adults”, who understand the challenges of attempting to accomplish our lofty goals. And while we understand the basic need to pay rent, we are trying to find the best, or perhaps only way to make a difference. (Author’s note: I just found out that I’m S’s emergency contact at FlyWheel #honored). Suddenly, we’ve been thrust into a world where we are struggling to just get by, with little regard for our young and naive hopes and dreams.  But this is where friends like S make all the difference. They force you to stop in your accepted routine and reevaluate where you are and where you are headed. They remind you of the innocent and hopeful younger version of yourself. They help put you back on your intended track, before you got distracted by just getting by. And maybe we all need that reminder, of our younger – sometimes better, or at least more hopeful – selves to ensure we accomplish all that we are meant to. I sincerely hope that everyone has someone in their lives that puts them back on their intended path like I do.




— C (via S 😊)

Day 68: March 10, 2017




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