On Weather, and the Nature of New England.

Y’all, last week I was wearing a T-shirt and a cardigan out in the world, and today I had on 4 layers and thought I might freeze to death. So while I’m really into the fall leaves and the apple picking and the whole winter wonderland thing, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the weather in this neck of the woods.

New England Weather
Go home weather, you’re drunk.

In completely unrelated news, our Supreme Leader President Trump continues to tweet total nonsense, and also defame former President Obama. In this series of tweets, he slanders his predecessor, uses Breitbart News as a source for possibly the millionth time, and manages to display a total lack of understanding regarding how intelligence investigations work. Welcome to 2017, y’all.

Trump Tweet Screenshot

So make sure to bundle up, and as always, speak up, speak out, and stay informed.

— S

Day 62: March 4, 2017




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