On Good Roommates, and the Importance of Moderation.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m pretty good at being honest with myself when it comes to my strengths and weaknesses. One truth of my life is that I naturally tend towards hermit-like behavior. Unless someone motivates me to leave my cave (a.k.a my bedroom), it’s likely that I could spend whole days cuddled up under a blanket with a book or 3, leaving my nest only for snack and bathroom breaks.

Thus, I really lucked out with my roommate, K, who even in the midst of studying for the MCAT makes sure I leave our apartment for non-work or art related reasons every now and again. So tonight, instead of lingering on the couch with yet another order of Indian take-out, the 2 of us went on an adventure down the road.

Despite unexpected snow flurries, I got the change to introduce K to authentic Xi’an-style hand-pulled noodles and insane amounts of bok choi. Sure, after a quick stop at the ice cream parlor, we headed straight back home but, hey — we still interacted with the outside world, ok?

So while I’m generally I try to stick to healthy eating habits (a.k.a less Chinese take out and minimal amounts of ice cream), Friday nights just call out for cookies and conversation every now and then. Like they always say, everything in moderation.

Ice cream and beer

— S

Day 61: March 3, 2017


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