On The Oscars, and the Importance of Laughter.

I thought I’d have lots of brainstorming to do regarding tonight’s blog. Then I realized that my family’s group text was the Oscars live-blog we all deserved. So feast your eyes, and come to the realization that my family is likely cooler than yours. [Warnings for extreme sass, snark, and complete and total lack of cinematic reverence]

Me (8:30) Justin Timberlake can’t sing anymore?!?!

Me (8:31) Oh, wait, he’s improving!

Me (8:32) Oh, no, wait, he’s awful again.

Justin Timberlake Screenshot Oscars 2017
Justin, no amount of dorky and/or endearing dance moves can save you from this…

Me (8:37) Mel Gibson joke? Woof.

Me (8:39) …why are we cheering for vaguely racist jokes? Awkward.

Mom (8:42) Why are we supposed to care about Mel Gibson?

Me (8:43) Agreed! Also, Meryl’s dress is so bad! You win mom.

Copyright 2017 Associated Press
Meryl Streep is the best. This dress? Not so much. Copyright 2017 Associated Press

Brother (8:45) What did Mel Gibson say? [My brother was stuck at work for the first portion of the broadcast]

Me (8:46) He didn’t say anything. He just exists 😬

Brother (8:47) He’s a good director!

Me (8:48) Okay…he’s also the worst.

Unimpressed face.
My face when I have to think about Mel Gibson.

Mom (8:49) Back to Justin…I’ve heard worse singing. Those actresses have no rhythm, though.

Me: (8:50) I never thought I’d say this, but I’m loving this Jimmy Kimmel monologue #meryl4prez

Mom (9:00) In other news, Charlize’s gown is bleck and boring.

Me (9:01) True! Oooh, but Alicia Vikander’s dress is straight up ugly.

Mom (9:03) I think her dress is just weird.

Me (9:04) OMG, Katherine Johnson 🙌 🙌 🙌

Mom, Me (9:05) MOANA

Moana Oscars Performance
The classiest 16-year-old I have every seen.

Mom (9:06) In related news, Lin’s mom is beautiful and so is the girl singing. And so is her dress.

Me (9:07) She’s 16!!

Mom (9:08) I wonder if Lin will cast her in something…

Me (9:09) God, Lin-Manuel is such a nugget. I love him. And Auli’i Cravalho is so flat, but I don’t even care. She’s like 16 so 🙌 🙌 🙌🙌 🙌 🙌

Brother (9:10) I thought something was off, but I was waiting for your criticism first.

Mom (9:11) It was fine overall, but not great.

Me (9:12) I can’t even be bothered by her technical flubs because she is so cute and earnest and endearing and I want to smoosh her with love and also become her because she is the most beautiful 16-year-old I’ve ever seen. Maybe ever.

Mom (9:14)  I don’t know who any of these young people are, but yay Viola Davis.

Me (9:15) Yay!!

Mom (9:16) Oh. It’s the Shades of Grey girl, and her dress is awful.

Dakota Johnson Oscars
I have…so many questions. Starting with, was the designer drunk?

Me (9:17) Oh God, it’s hideous! It looks like a pleated lampshade.


And my favorite short film won!

[Oh hi Dad] Dad (9:45) 👍

Mom (9:51) Leslie Mann’s gown…ugh. Not that I know who she is. But Meryl’s gown isn’t as ugly as I thought!

Me (9:55) Agreed.

Dad (10:00) Is it me, or does John Legend sound like a bad early American Idol contestant?

Me (10:01) YES

Mom (10:02) Not his finest moment.

Me (10:05) Also, this song sounds like a bad knockoff of that awful Rainbow Connection song from the Muppet movie.

Mom (10:07) The melody sounds like a lot of different songs.

Dad (10:08) Muppets rule!

Me (10:15) Ooh, I love Scarlett’s dress!

Brother (10:17) NO.

Mom (10:18) ^^ What he said.

Brother (10:19) What happened to her hair??

Mom (10:20) No, no, no.

Me (10:21) Hey, I like it!

Mom (10:25) Out of all the songs, La La Land won?

Dad (10:26) Gag me.

Me (10:27) Literally any college freshman studying music could have written that song. And gotten a C for lack of originality.

Mom (10:28) Yup. Just ask Jim Hansen.

Dad (10:29) SO WHAT STOPPED YOU? [Touche, Dad. Touche]

Brother (10:30) 🤔

Me (10:33)…thanks for letting me sing in the rain, I guess?

Mom (10:40) Jennifer Aniston needs a Jake over.

Dad (10:41) Which Jake?

Mom (10:42) Ugh, MAKE over.

Me: (10:45) In memoriam! At least Sara Bareillis can sing, although the song isn’t great.

Mom (10:46) 👏 👍

Dad (10:47) Seriously, what’s up with the musical keys tonight?

Me (10:48) WORD

Brother (10:49) I’m surprised they didn’t do that super depressing Sarah McLaughlin song.

Dad (10:51) Unrelated: Rolexxxxxxxx!!

Sarah (10:52)…why do they need commercials?

Brother (10:53):

Mom (11:00) What happened to Ben Affleck’s face?

Me (11:01) Bad botox?

Brother (11:02):


Mom (11:05) What is Amy Adams wearing?

Brother (11:06) I think it’s fine. I bet Dad agrees.

Mom (11:07) Well, you’re wrong.

Me (11:08) It’s not the worst! But, it’s not awesome.

Mom (11:11) Good speeches!

Me (11:30) Interesting hair choice by Halle Berry…

Brother (11:31): ms-4IvB8X.gif

Dad (11:32) She looks like Medusa. Just saying.

Mom (11:37) La La Land again? Boo.

Dad (11:38) Excuse you, it’s so hard to direct a musical, and it’s never been done before.

Brother (11:39):


Mom (11:40) Do you think if the leads were ugly it would have won?

Me (11:41) Unlikely.

Brother (11:42):


Dad (11:45) Wait, I thought Hollywood hated Affleck?

Me (11:46) Sadly, no.

Mom (11:48) What a surprise!

Dad (11:49) All in the family.

Me (11:50) Meh, gross.

Brother (11:51):


Mom (11:58) It’s not fair to Ryan!

Dad (11:59):


Me (11:59) Well played, Dad.

Mom (12:00) You’re all so mean to me!

Dad (12:00) Hey, I just love Spongebob.

Me (12:01) As do we all!

Mom (12:02) Not all! 😜

Dad (12:03) 😱

Brother (12:04):


Me (12:05) Is that Faye Dunaway?

Brother (12:06):


Dad (12:06) 😂

Mom (12:07) OMG, B!

Brother (12:07):


Me (12:09) Ugh, La La Land really won? Good NIGHT.

Brother (12:10):


Me (12:11) HOLY SHIT.




Mom (12:11) Holy shit.

Dad (12:11) Holy shit.

Brother (12:12) Weird.

Me (12:13) What in the world? Omg, so awkward. This is so uncomfortable. BUT SO WELL DESERVED MOONLIGHT WAS AMAZING.

Mom (12:13) 👏 👍

Brother (12:14):


Dad (12:14) ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Brother (12:14):


Me (12:14) This is absurd. 2017…I don’t know, y’all.

Brother (12:15):


In conclusion: My family is the coolest, the Oscars were insane, and good GIFs change the game.

— S

Day 57: February 27, 2017


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