On Weekends, and Savoring the Little Things.

Today I read this article.

Today I also got to walk around in the sunshine. I ate an ice cream cone. I savored a lovely dinner with friends. I marveled at the delicate shoots of flowers as they began their courageous ascent out of the earth. I sipped a hot coffee. I smiled at nothing at all. I talked to a stranger. I listened to music that moved me. I sang songs I love. I laughed, loudly. I pondered, silently.

Today I lived a day of freedom in a world where I am allowed to savor the little things. That’s a privilege and a gift.

Let’s all stand up for it together.

Support trans rights. Support immigrants and refugees. Support interfaith initiatives that fight anti-semitism and Islamophobia. Support the free press. Speak up. Speak out. Stand up for the things you care about, the things both great and small.

Stay informed. Don’t be silent.

On Weekends, and Savoring the Little Things.

— S

Day 54: February 24, 2017



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