On Politics, and the Nature of Hypocrisy.

There is so much that I could say with this post tonight. I could talk about how conservatives raked Hillary Clinton over the coals for Benghazi but are silent on Trump’s botched mission in Yemen. I could mention the lingering presidential transition that keeps key governmental activities from being carried out. Everything from vital State Department functions to community participation initiatives (White House tours, I’m looking at you).

I could discuss how Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, has tried to assure us that lies are merely alternative facts. I could mention how Ms. Conway believes the tragic Bowling Green massacre should rationalize an unconstitutional travel ban. (Please don’t buy into Conway’s alternative reality when she assures us that her mention of this nonexistent massacre was merely a slip of the tongue; according to the Washington Post, it was the 3rd time she cited it in an official interview.) I could bring up how Conway assures us that we should all buy Ivanka Trump’s products (ethics violation? What ethics violation?) since the President’s daughter is being treated abominably by a major department store.

I could mention how the recently confirmed Secretary of Treasury failed to disclose $100 million of offshore assets during his ethics review. (He blamed the oversight on the difficulty of the disclosure paperwork.) I could wax poetic on how the candidate for Commerce Secretary is refusing to divest himself of millions of dollars worth of offshore holdings whose profits will be directly impacted by his office. (Chinese business interest make a lot of money, FYI.)

I could do all of that. Instead I just want to remind you that yesterday, President Trump dealt with a nuclear crisis in front of patrons in the dining room of his country club. While working on his personal (easily hackable) cell phone. And letting his aides provide light with their (also easily hackable) cell phones. And letting major security operatives take photos with onlookers that were later posted to (and eventually removed from) Facebook. Major security operatives including, you know, the guy personally responsible for holding on to the nuclear codes.

Nuclear Football
Talk about tight security…or not.

Also, Michael Flynn, his National Security Adviser, just resigned. Due to his, you know, wildly suspicious ties to Russia.

Let this all sink in, my friends. It’s only week 3, but we’re in for a very bumpy ride.

Speak up. Speak out. Stay informed.


Day 43: February 13, 2017


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