On Saturday Nights, and the Nature of Friendship.

One of my burdens to bear is that I’m a perpetually early riser. No matter how valiantly I attempt to sleep in, I wake up no later than 7:15 every day. How much sleep I’ve gotten is irrelevant. Whether or not I have an earlier commitment doesn’t matter either. My body clock is startlingly consistent. So when I woke up this morning at 7:15, I went through my usual routine. I lounged in bed reading the newspaper, listening to some soft music while I drank a little water. I was supine in bed debating whether a run on slippery streets was in order when my friend R texted.

R wanted to know if I was up for a night of homemade pasta, fancy cocktails, and Cards Against Humanity. Naturally the answer was yes.

So this evening, I made my way to R and her girlfriend H’s apartment. H was in charge of the cooking, and was expertly making fettuccine with a (surprisingly awesome)  vegan sauce. Over French 75 cocktails and white wine, the group of us laughed, talked, and played a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity.

In between our sumptuous dinner and an ice cream run, we also brought up old college memories. R and I went to college together, while H and her two friends didn’t. For better or for worse, R and I went both had a pretty interesting college experience.

We were both Resident Advisors (RAs) for years, and racked up a number of increasingly ridiculous stories about our residents. While we respect confidentiality, there’s something nostalgic in sharing stories of bad behavior, of totally insane antics and hilarious anecdotes.

That’s what I love about my group of friends. We’re silly and chatty but also serious. We don’t mind discussing serious ethical and moral issues, of bringing up the state of world. More than anything though, we have fun. Thanks for a fun night ladies.

Cards Against Humanity
Happy Saturday.


Day 41: February 11, 2017


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