On Friends, and Enjoying the Light in the Darkness.

So today, one of my best friends came to town on a surprise visit from NYC. In between keeping up with the increasingly egregious human rights violations perpetrated by our President, we ate and drank and were generally merry. After getting some work done in the morning — we take our responsibilities seriously! — we headed out for a little brunch, a manicure, and then an afternoon filled with food, drinks, and a Moana sing-a-long where my roommate and her boyfriend met up with us. (Yes, I do indeed have the world’s most awesome friends, in that they happily accompanied my nerdy self to a Disney sing-a-long designed for 5 to 10-year-olds. They also smuggled in some bourbon to increase our viewing pleasure).

This day was perfect in its simplicity. We didn’t do anything particularly noteworthy or especially exciting. Nothing was carefully planned or meticulously scheduled. Decisions were made on the fly, beverages consumed, strolls enjoyed. Now we’re sitting around in our living room, and for the first time since I started this project, I have 3 folks attempting to give their input on the content of my daily blog post.

B, my roommate K’s boyfriend, thinks I should go for another haiku. His suggestion is as follows:

“This is a haiku.

This is still a haiku and


K, my roommate, just wants me to write something that isn’t depressing, since that’s been the theme du jour recently.

C, my visiting friend agrees.

Of course, now we’re squabbling about whether or not I lose credibility if I don’t address the horrifying immigration order signed by President Trump and put into devastating effect today.

Then again, we all agree that addressing such a serious matter 4 drinks into the day is probably more than a little unwise.

Instead of addressing President Trump, then, I just want to say this. My friends are wonderful. They are loving, supportive, hilarious and kind. It is because of them that, even when things seem hopeless, I remember that the world can be a place full of laughter and light. Today was a terrible day in the world. Even so, I still laughed. I still sang and danced and drank and ate and loved. That’s all because of my friends. Thanks again.

A good day is any day with friends like these.


Day 28: January 28, 2017



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